LC 020 The Millionaire Case Studies with Calvin Wayman

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Calvin Wayman is a social media entrepreneur. He’s also a sought-after speaker, owner of a social media management agency, host of Millionaire Case Study, and creator of the Periscope Pro Course. After quitting his day-job to pursue his dream of working for himself, Calvin relocated from Salt Lake City to sunny Southern California. He sold solar systems door-to-door to pay the bills and fund his online business. Calvin’s passion is helping entrepreneurs grow their business by taking advantage of modern tools and technology.

Favorite Success Quotes:
Done is better than perfect – Sheryl Sandberg
You can do anything but you can’t do everything – David Allen

Favorite Mentor:
Nick Unsworth

Links and Resources mentioned in this episode:
Calvin Wayman s website
Calvin s New Book! Fish out of Water

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