LC 030 How to Become a Dad with Purpose on Purpose with Larry Hagner

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Larry Hagner is a father, husband and influencer on purpose to become the best he can be. He is founder of The Good Dad Project a strong community of Fathers who all share a set of values. Tackling the world of Fatherhood can be a daunting task when we try to do it alone. Our children are not born with manuals and the Journey of Fatherhood doesn’t necessarily come with a “map.” There are challenges, twists, and turns along the way. As much as we truly enjoy our children and being a father, we tend to internalize our struggles. The mission of The Good Dad Project is to help you become the best, strongest, and happiest version of yourself so that you can help guide your kids to the best version of themselves.

Favorite Success Quote:

In life if you think you can or think you can’t you are right, but life short so why not just believe that you can. – Charlie Brenneman

Don’t worry so much about what you leave for your children, worry more about what you leave in them – unknown

Favorite Mentors

Mark Divine

Favorite Books

The ONE Thing by Gary Keller
Unbeatable Mind by Mark Divine

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Check out a free chapter from: THE DAD’S EDGE onUnlimited Patience Here

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