LC 036 Learning to Replace Yourself with John Jonas

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John Jonas is a father, Entrepreneur and Founder at His life is better because of Filipino VAs. He had a normal “job” for 8 months after college and his biggest goal at that time was to be able to quit that job. He managed to quit back in 2004 and worked from home for himself ever since then. When he first hired someone from the Philippines in January of 2006, he knew he was onto something special. Since then he s learned that for most people, life is definitely better with Filipino workers on your team. Yes, because of his Filipino workers he gets to play a lot of golf, spend a lot of time with his wife and kids, and get out backpacking in the middle of the week. He works for about 17 hours a week because of the amazing work they do. However it’s not just better for him; it’s better for them too. What’s really great about hiring Filipino workers is how it changed their lives as well. They get to work from home, earn a decent income, enjoy a generally higher standard of living, and raise their children by themselves which is a luxury most Filipino parents don’t get to do.

Success quote or Motto: If its not working fix it. If its going wrong fix and change it then and there.

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