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Amanda Rivera is a visibility and exposure coach who connects coaches with the right connections and media opportunities to spark their spiritual empire! So they can get the visibility they need to spread their message, minus the self-doubt and “Should I? Should I not?” inner battle. She has a Masters in Communications – Corporate PR from Sacred Heart University, and has helped a collection of personal brands and start-ups create an authentic and exciting digital presence through her digital marketing agency, Inspire Me Communications. Her agency clients have been featured in The New York Times, Toronto Star, Vice Magazine, HayHouse Radio, Elite Daily, Thought Catalog, Millennial Magazine, A&E TV, and much more. Amanda’s personal writing has been featured in Soul and Spirit Magazine, Law of Attraction Magazine, The Best of Law of Attraction Magazine (Top 100 of the best articles from the Source Interlink Media Publication, Law of Attraction Mag),,, Business & Lifestyle Blog, Entrepreneur Enabler, and Over the Moon Magazine. She’s also been interviewed on This.Damn.World Podcast and Power of Perception Radio Network. Amanda is a certified Angel Reiki Practioner and HUGE fan of Angels <3


Success quote or Mantra: Tension is who I think I should be. Relaxation is who I am.

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