Hi my name is Jesse Ortiz a hardcore Lifestyle Entrepreneur and Host of http://lifestyleconversations.com/. In the Podcast I interview today’s most successful entrepreneurs, health coaches and life hackers. Each episode provides insight, lessons and experiences for you to get the most out of life in health, wealth and happiness.

I was inspired to embark on this journey of lifestyle design by none other than the 4hr workweek. However it was not until 12 years after the corporate grind that I started becoming more conscious of what I really wanted out of life. You see I knew there were many business opportunities out there but I have discovered that a well lived life goes way beyond just making a ton of money and acquiring stuff to fill your life. So now my main goal in life is to become the best version of myself and creating the best life experience possible, but most importantly I want to inspire you to do the same!

Now I invite you to jump into the Matrix and experience life like never before!

Ask yourself am I really satisfied with where I am in life and where it is headed?

Am I truly living to my highest potential?

Most people in today’s society are walking around in a complete daze, we have literally become the walking dead. I want you to wake up every morning energized and ready to face life head on as the adventure it is meant to be! Join me on this lifestyle design journey and start creating the life you really want!

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