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If your plan is to do big things in your life then you will need to put health at the top of your list. Here I will share all the tools and techniques I use to improve and maintain my health. Words cannot not explain the energy and vitality that comes from not just exercise but combining a healthy nutritious lifestyle.


Please Note: Some of the links on this page are affiliate links, and at no additional cost to you I will earn a commission. The best way to support the show is to give us a review, a referral or purchase products. I only list products that I used in improving my own life or business, so please make sure any products you purchase will do the same for you.


The Dolce Diet

This is bar none my #1 choice for taking control of your health and most important your nutrition. The Dolce Diet is perfect for any lifestyle whether you are an extreme athlete or a stay at home mom. I have personally lost 30lbs and counting by following the principles in this book and I feel great. : ) The Dolce Diet is far from a diet it is a lifestyle!



Supplements & Equipment

Below are some of my personal favorite supplements and equipment that I use in my personal fitness routine. I choose Onnit products not just because of the cleanest earth grown products on the market, but also because of their mission and motto which is to (Total Human Optimization). It is also the perfect compliment to The Dolce, check out some of the cool products here.

Onnit Hemp Protein

Every cell in the body contains protein, which makes it essential to your daily nutrition. There are many healthy foods that offer protein, but I like to add a kick to my health and lifestyle. That is why I choose Onnit s non GMO Hemp Protein, it provides and awesome clean source of protein and is the perfect complement to your favorite shake.

Onnit Steel Clubs

We all know plenty of work out options like hitting the weights at the gym, doing crossfit, running etc. But I wanted to share my experience with the Onnit Steel Clubs. They are the perfect addition to spice up your workout. They are also great for working some of your core muscles and strength routines. But there not just another set of weights they are great for building functional strength which is crucial for sports, exercise and life. Check out the work out videos below.
Steel Club Intro

Caveman Coffee

Natural vitality and energy is awesome but there are times when we all need the little pick me up, well at least I do.  There are many studies done on the pros and cons of coffee but I won’t get into details, you can do your own research.  Personally I found more pros than cons about coffee, caffeine is found in almost anything even pre workout. So my next step was to test out some of the best upgraded coffees out there. Here is what I am testing now more to come on taste and benefits. J

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